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23 Februari 2007



* I think is better to use the same email to sign for your GPTR programs, to get a better control. If you need a new one click here

* If you want to use your email programs (outlook express,incredimail,etc)you can create a new rule (It could be assign a particular color to emails coming from the email you choose for GPTR programs) , so you know wich are the emails that make you earn :).

*When you click on the link, you will be prompt to write your email, then you’ll receive a new email, where you’ll find a link, click on it (is to confferm your email address, then you’ll get a page where you must fill with your name, mail address,please be sure you fill it correctly because is important for payments) .

*Create a new folder maybe called “email programs”or the name you prefer, and put on it all your conffirmation emails. As well will be great to open your note pad, and save all your “referral links” (that’s the link you must to promote, to grow your downline and it will be usefull if you want to create a page to promote all your programs, then will be easy to find them.

*To earn money reading email, just search a special link like

Resource A Day

Cash Read

Have a try. Remember more than a million people use Internet every promotion hav a chance.!!!

Good Luck.!!!

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