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GeForce 7300GT Extreme vs Radeon X1300XT

20 Februari 2007





GeForce 7

Radeon X1K




Release Date:




PCI-E x16

PCI-E x16

Core Clock:

520 MHz

585 MHz

Memory Clock:

700 MHz (1400 DDR)

690 MHz (1380 DDR)

Memory Bandwidth:

22.4 GB/sec

22.1 GB/sec

Shader Operations:

4160 Operations/sec

7020 Operations/sec

Pixel Fill Rate:

2080 MPixels/sec

2340 MPixels/sec

Texture Fill Rate:

4160 MTexels/sec

2340 MTexels/sec

Vertex Operations:

650 MVertices/sec

731.25 MVertices/sec

Base on the data specification above we can see that HIS X1300XT is the Winner of 4 Categories, and the highlighted point here is the SHADER OPERATION of X1300XT is mostly Twice better than 7300GT… means that Theoritically X1300XT provide much better reallistic shading and lightning effect than 7300GT. But there is just Theoritical Opinion, how about the real experience? Lets share with me…
*Last Word is “Safe your Money, dont buy the brand, just performance, and enjoy it”. Winfast GF7300GT Extreme 128DDR3 is the best choice for Vallues Performance.
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