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1st. Values Gaming System

25 Desember 2006

this is 1st edition of a Best PC by ArMaDia

to get a most values system , we must make a good decition of a part that we used for. likes procecore, mainboard, vga, and memory. for this month theres some hardstuff that i recommended for all of you :

* AMD Sempron 2500+ (s.754 w/ 256 L2Cache) $75
* Albatron K8NF4-X (rock solid stable @FSB 375) $65
* PowerColor X1300pro (Best Values X1300 Cards) $80
* MVM Pc3200 512Mb (powerfull Hynix-43 or samsung TCCC chips) $45
* Seagate Barracuda 80gb 7200.8 SATA 150 (Overall price performance) $55
* Any Chase that u like to use (just a choice, notes the air circulation!) $20
* Thermaltake TR2 pure power 340W (deliver both power and stability) $45

with this kind of choice u can get the best performance and stability for affordable price, even more power u can get by simply overclocking this sempron @375mhz fsb and @250mhz memory, its a bang of performance u get (close to FX57 system).

i hope its can be the one else sollution from Armadia Tuning Everythings

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